Thursday, June 28, 2007


No, i am not writing a blog on the kannada film titled 'heart-beats', it beats my mind, how i came up with the same title for my new blog.

Last friday i heard a pleasant sound that is still ringing in my ears, and taken control of my mind and body since then. It was just for a minute or two that i was engulfed in an ocean of warmth and caringness of a distant voice which i am not able to take off my thoughts.

You must be wondering what is this, that i am making a big deal of; huh?? Well, you will soon realize how significant this is to me. The sound that i heard was that of a tiny little, thumbnail sized heart pumping away as if calling out my name and wanting to come and embrance me. Yes, i heard the heart-beat of my yet unborn baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

My wife, sush is 12 weeks pregnant and we had her doctor's visit on friday. She was tensed as to what tests are required to be performed and I was waiting anxiously to hear my baby. The doctor was so friendly and made us both at ease and did her routine checkups. Once done, she said she will try to get us hear the heart-beats. She took her device and started searching on sush's tummy, and immediately the entire room which had fallen silent, was filled with this rapidly beating sound, and we were amazed at how fast it was going. It was just for half a minute, and it was lost again. We requested to hear it again, and she searched around for a while, and finally was able to locate it. Again, we could hear the perfect lub-dub, lub-dub sound of the tiny heart.

It was one of the most memorable moments of my life and how i wish i had recorded that then and there. I am sure i will do it in our next appointment, and play it back again and again every day of my life. This small incident in my life, has aroused so many questions and thoughts in my mind, and i feel like i have come to realize God's best ever creation - the human body. Once we learned that sush was pregnant, we spent time browsing the net for articles about pre-natal care and even watched a couple of DVDs. It was informative and told us what to expect in each and every week of her pregnancy. But somewhere deep in my heart, there was this empty feeling, something amiss around the whole episode. Why is it not sinking into me, why am i not feeling any different about this most important phase of my life, i had been waiting for this for a long time. Well, this was it, the moment i heard this breath-taking sound, it filled up my whole world of happiness.

We were really expecting the doctor to perform the ultra sound scan, so that we could actually see the baby. But then we were told it will be done later on in the 5th month of her pregnancy, so that we can see the well formed organs of the baby. Well, just hearing the heart beat was mind blowing, i cannot imagine what the scan would be like. Now, i know there is a life in there, waiting to come out and fill our lives with joy and delight. At the same time, it has also dawned upon me that this little baby will come into this world relying upon us to teach lessons of life in due course. Wow, that gives me the jitters just thinking about it, "lessons of life?????" - how am i supposed to know what is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!Then again,we are quite ready to deal with it as we go ahead in our lives together, just having the baby around us will make us realize the importance and responsiblity now vested upon us.

Here, in the US, it is common practice for people to know the gender of the baby well before it is born. It helps them to make decisions about the type of clothes to buy and colors to choose, but for us, it is a strict NO NO. We want it to be a surprise till the D date. But as everyone knows, "curiosity kills a cat", so we tried out many traditional methods which have become beliefs to determine the sex of a baby. First was the "fork and spoon" test, you keep a fork and a spoon under two different cushions of a couch, and ask the pregnant lady to sit on any one of them. If she sits on the spoon, it will be a girl and a fork means a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!Does anyone really believe that???Well, we wanted to have some fun, and decided to try it out. For crying out loud, i thought fork means a girl and kept 2 forks under both the cushions:-) Now you know what i want....well, we again tried it out properly, and sush sat on the spoon....yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

The other belief is that if the pregnant woman is liking to eat a lot of sweets, then it will be a boy, else a girl. Well, sush is definitely eating everything that is sweet nowadays, but then, i think it will be a very sweeeeet girl at the end. Now, that is my optimistic brain at it's best. There are still others for which we need to wait for a few more weeks to determine the tests, maybe my next blog will include them.


suma said...

yava bashe aadru comment commente,e nim "Heart Beats" writing yelladakinta super idhe,am not writhing this coz of commenting sake, aa feelingsna yaru anubavisutharo avrige gootu adra aananda,kandita nimibra cobi baby ultra super irthe, sweet&spicy, wishing u both(1+1=3) lots n lots of happiness.

with warm wishes
suma,kiran & meghu

Praveen said...

tumba dhanyavadagalu suma....nimma well-wishes namige agatya. neevu heliro nudigalu akshara-ksharanu satya. idara anubhava jeniginta sihi.
praveen & sush

Pachu said...

Praveen... Congrats to you and sush once again. Yes, its a great feeling and the whole nne months would be great. I can feel the same brother as I am also sailing in the same boat. Good tips to know the sex of the baby. Take care of sush.


Praveen said...

Thanks Pachu, as i said earlier, the race is on between us!!!You are just ahead by 3 weeks....anything can happen....dont i sound like those hosts for tv shows, well, see you after the break!!!!!!!!!