Friday, August 24, 2007

Technology at Minus 4

Yes, finally i was able to come up with a name for my blog that would confuse you and give you absolutely no clue as to what i am writing about!!!!!

4 is the number of months i have to wait to see my baby out in the open. So technically it is -4 months old, but for me, it is already completed 5months. You must be thinking now, what does technology have to do with all this....well, a lot actually.

Yesterday was the first UltraSound scan of my baby.In my previous blog, i had written how amazed i was upon hearing it's heartbeat, but this was an out-of-the-world experience. I was speechless when i actually saw my little baby moving around, i have to say that i was never ready for this sort of a feeling.

We went to this diagnostic center and the doc-cum-technician there was very friendly, and asked a few questions before we got ready for the scan. Of course, i made it clear to her that we do not want to know the gender of the baby. So there was this small monitor and as the tech moved her scanner over sush's belly, my baby was all over the screen. I was so completely absorbed into watching this, it seemed like nothing else really matters any longer, i have before me, what i have been waiting for. The tech was trying to explain where the head is, the hands, elbows, legs....does she think i cant see or what??

Every few seconds, the baby used to bring its right hand up to its face, maybe already developing the sucking instinct. But to me, it felt like it knew we were watching and wanted to wave at us and tell us "i will be out in a couple of months!!!!". I could actually count all the five fingers on both of its tiny hands and also the five toes on the legs. While I was more involved in looking at the face and observing the movements of the baby, the tech made sure all the internal organs worked fine. She even showed us all the four chambers of the tiny heart(pumping at 140bpm!!!). She showed us the stomach, lungs, kidneys, inside of the brain, spinal cord, eye sockets, cord connecting the belly button of the baby to the placenta, everything in tact and in place. One more interesting feature which the tech was observing was the diaphragm, the location of which decides the upper and lower halves of the human body. To us laymen, she told what all organs need to be on the upper half of the body are there above the diaphragm and similarly the lower half.

She kept moving the scanner to get different views and sections of the baby and even printed out a few pictures for us. The best shot at the baby was when she zoomed in on the face,and we could make out every individual feature. Immediately I asked for this to be printed, and I have been looking at this snap all day long. It is as good as any real picture with such resolution, and my baby is resting its head on one of it's hand and the other hand is on top of the head, cheeks filled up, nose pointed, round face with a high chin. This made my day!!!!!!

The EDD (Expected Date of Delivery) given by the doctor is 3rd of Jan 2008. By measuring the length of the femur bone(thigh bone), and the girth of the belly and the head, this software was programmed to arrive at the EDD. She first measured the femur bone which was 5.3cms long, then she took 3 separate readings of the belly(averaged around 18cms) and the head (12cms). The EDD arrived at was 2nd Jan 2008, and she told we could not get any closer than this, with just a day difference. Finally she added, the baby will come out only when it is fully ready!!!!

Both me and sush feel now that it should be a girl (for obvious reasons) and we hope it is, with all the wonderful features it has. But hey, a handsome boy or a beautiful girl, we are open to both.